After graduating from Niagara College and working in the Niagara Region with many chefs from the local hotels and restaurants, I moved back to Norfolk County and started running the family business, Ritzy Cakes & Eatery in Waterford, ON. A small operation, but now growing into a thriving and bustling business that has the whole family involved. Still involved at Ritzy Cakes, I decided to become a Private Chef and started this business with the ideals that I can provide amazing, locally sourced food for all types of events, parties and above all...budgets!

I have done numerous catering events, dinners, and parties in my short time as a chef, highlighting just a few here like cooking at for Niagara College Caps, Corks and Forks, working along side Chef Virkram Vij, Niagara Cool Climate Chardonnay, Norfolk Eat and Drink,

Niagara Food and Wine Festival, Waterford Pub Night and so many more!


There is nothing better than using fresh, local ingredients, and living in "Ontario's Garden" it's all right in our backyard! Preserving, pickling, infusing and cooking those fresh, local ingredients with care are just a few ways of creating and highlighting the amazing flavour of those ingredients to create a great meal. My love for being a chef means never settling for less than perfect and to constantly be learning and reaching new heights in my career.

Whenever possible I like to use those fresh local ingredients in fun ways. That's when the wheels start turning and where creativity really come alive. However, I try not to over-do it because I believe in keeping things simple and not over complicating a dish or it's ingredients. But, sometimes the mind does wander, and keeping it under control is not always easy.

The inspiration for creating my menus and dishes come from what's available to me in locally during each season, but also from different dishes I have experienced from traveling, eating out, and reading. That's what makes my job fun, I am able to embrace those inspirations and run with them, explore my creativity through my career and show my clients my true self through what I provide on the plates in front of them.


My passion for creating dishes and excelling at my career is constantly growing and pushing me to do more and more. My love for food, traveling and experiencing new things has brought me to meet some interesting and influential people, taught me things and helped fuel the passion even more. In the Norfolk County, you might find me cooking up a storm at Ritzy Cakes & Eatery, eating at the local restaurants, working with local business and even working with the community

I'm always open to opportunities, collaborations and special events whenever and wherever they might be. I love to experience new things and meet new people. Let me know if you have something coming up that I can help you with. 


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